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where retired executives share their hard-won expertise
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About Us

ExecBrainTrust is an online social network for retired executives to communicate, collaborate, and consult.  Companies come to ExecBrainTrust to find executives with specialized expertise or experience for consulting engagements, coaching, mentoring, and board membership.

Are you a retired (or soon-to-retire) executive?  Learn more at "Retired Executives FAQ" below.

Are you interested in how our retired executive members can help with business challenges at your company?  Learn more at "Company FAQ" below.

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Why should I join?

ExecBrainTrust allows you to record, pass on, and share your business experiences.  Our growing community of retired executives uses ExecBrainTrust to communicate, collaborate, and consult.  Companies come to ExecBrainTrust to find those executives with specialized expertise and experience for consulting engagements, coaching and mentoring, and board membership.

How do I sign up?

It takes only 30 seconds. Follow the simple instructions on the "Join" page.  We ask for your name, a user name, your email address and a password. That's it. Your email address will never be sold, rented, or exchanged.

What?s involved in posting my business experiences? 

After joining, simply "Log In", go to the "Manage" page, click on "Add", and type in your posting. You can also cut and paste from another document. You can edit your experience at any time. You can view your postings, and others', on the "Experiences" page. You can also comment on other members' postings.

What should I write about?

You have plenty of interesting business stories, experiences, learning situations, problems that you worked your way out of, lessons learned. Wrtie it as insightfully as when you experienced it. This is a repository of your business career. Here's an example as well.

And then??

After you join ExecBrainTrust, your postings can be searched by anyone who comes to the ExecBrainTrust site. You and others can comment on other members' postings. You can search for other members. You might find someone with a shared experience or expertise ? a former colleague? or someone you?d like to learn more about. ExecBrainTrust lets you connect quickly and easily.

What?s in it for me?

Recognition. Income. Satisfaction. Fun. Staying active.

Our research shows that 77 percent  of newly-retired executives hope to stay engaged in business on an occasional or part-time basis.  If you?re one of them, you?ve come to the right place. 

ExecBrainTrust gives you a voice on the Web without any hassle or expense.  And we give you a way to share your thoughts and experiences among a community of people with similar backgrounds and interests.  You can ask questions, and provide answers, quickly and easily.

Of course, many of our members join in order to make their expertise known, attracting companies for lucrative, part-time consulting engagements.  Companies use ExecBrainTrust to find retired executives with specialized expertise and experience.

How can I get a lucrative consulting engagement?

Just sign up and start posting your experiences. The more postings you make, the more visible and attractive you become to companies. Companies that need consultants can search ExecBrainTrust by industry, function, or member name, and they?ll contact you through the site.  We save you the trouble of marketing your services.  You simply reap the rewards. How cool is that?

How much money can I make?  Will you take a commission?

You set your own fees based on the nature of the project and the value of your time.  ExecBrainTrust will charge you a 4% commission on your consulting fee per engagement once your fees are paid. Companies will contact you directly via your email address, and you take it from there.  You?re under no obligation to accept engagements. Do kindly respond to every contact.

How long will it take before I?m offered a consulting engagement?

That?s a question we can?t answer.  It depends on your field of expertise and market demand.  We can promise you one thing:  you won?t get an engagement if you don?t sign up!

How will I be contacted?

We will provide your email address to companies interested talking with you, and they will make direct contact.

What?s ahead?

You?re joining us at the very beginning.  As ExecBrainTrust grows and expands, we?ll offer more and more opportunities for our members.  Meanwhile we hope you?ll enjoy meeting other retired executives like yourself, and hope you?ll share some of your experiences.  In the days ahead our community will grow dramatically? and we?re glad to have you on board as part of that growth.  We promise?ExecBrainTrust will be interesting, exciting, and rewarding.

How can I learn more about the growing numbers of retired executives who benefit from part-time consulting?

Click here to receive a free copy of our comprehensive research report, Retired Executives: The Untapped Resource.  It describes this exciting trend in more detail.


What?s the deal with  ExecBrainTrust?

ExecBrainTrust brings together a unique community of retired executives to communicate, collaborate, and consult.  Because they want to stay active and involved with business, our members are an outstanding source of expertise for consulting projects, mentoring, coaching, board positions? just about any kind of consulting engagement that requires specialized expertise or experience.

How?s it work?

If you have a project that would benefit from specialized expertise and experience, browse through our member database.  It?s searchable by title, job function, and name.  You can see from their postings what business challenges they faced and solved.  Many of our members are active posters with threads of queries and responses.  This gives you an even better opportunity to learn about them.

In the next iteration of our site, you will be able to post questions to the general membership, and get replies.

If I?m interested in hiring any of your members, how do I contact them?

In the next iteration of our site, you will be able to conact members you iare intersted in, simply by clicking on the "I want to contact" button.

Can I contact more than one of your members at a time?

Of course.  ExecBrainTrust encourages companies to take a broad look at our membership when filling an engagement.  You can put together a team. We also encourage our members to collaborate with one another, which expands your options significantly.

How  much does all this cost?

ExecBrainTrust charges you a low subscription fee of $50 per month, automatically renewed. Cancel anytime. You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

Your subscription allows you to contact members, post questions and get answers. You can get automatic emails on posts that you're specially interested in, by industry or job function. You'll be getting so many ideas and advice in no time! It's like having the whole team of highly-experienced executives at your beck and call! Think how much more effective and smart you'll be at your job!... (Darn, I wish I had that when I was working!)

Once you?ve made contact with a member, the rest is up to you.  ExecBrainTrust doesn?t negotiate or mediate on behalf of its members or its company clients.  We do not guarantee performance by our retired executive members. Our members set their own rates based on the nature of the project and the value of their time. You?re free to negotiate terms as you discuss the engagement with our members.  Naturally, the decision on accepting an engagement is solely betwen the company and the members.

Naturally, if you encounter a problem, we want to know about it.  Contact us if you need any help.

How do I find someone with the experience and expertise I?m looking for?

Our Search Page allows you to find qualified prospective consultants by industry segment, job function type, by a combination of the two, or by name.

What types of engagements do your members want?  What kinds of services do they offer?

Our members come from a broad range of backgrounds.  They have two things in common.  One is experience at the executive level.  The other is that they?re eager to remain in touch and involved with business.  These two characteristics make them highly qualified for consulting engagements.


Manny Sawit, CEO

Manny Sawit has over 20 years of media experience in advertising sales, circulation, marketing, new product development, and finance.

He founded EmergeMedia Inc., an online media incubator, which launched IT-Wireless e-newsletter in 2002 for the IT industry. He worked with advertisers in developing pay-per-registration online business models.  

Sawit was formerly Vice President-Internet & Mobile Group at CMP Media LLC. At CMP/Miller Freeman, he developed, launched and managed print, online and event products covering the Internet, mobile and software development markets. He led WebReview.com, one of the early Internet content pioneers. Sawit was awarded the ?Entrepreneur of the Year Award? by United Business Media for spearheading the company?s entrance into electronic products.

He served as Corporate Circulation Director for M&T Publishing, and had stints in executive recruiting with Management Recruiters and business consulting with Development Associates. He received his MBA in New Venture Management from the University of Southern California.

Peter Hutchinson, President

Peter Hutchinson is a media professional who has held executive positions at many of America's leading publishers, among them CMP Media, IDG, McGraw-Hill, and Miller Freeman. 

Hutchinson has managed magazines and online properties in a wide range of markets.  He?s also managed book publishing imprints, several trade shows, and a trio of Web-based businesses. 

Hutchinson has consulted on marketing services, sales training, audience development, and strategic planning.  Clients included city and regional magazines, trade publishers, magazines and Web sites in the IT market, software publishers, and public broadcasting stations.  Hutchinson is known for his writing and for his support of executive education. 

He received his BA from Marlboro College and his MS at San Jose State University.

Galen Gruman, VP Content and Community

Galen Gruman has directed the development of content and services, including print and online editorial content, trade show programs, and books, for a range of national media companies.

As editorial director at EmergeMedia, Gruman developed IT-Wireless' content and delivery methods. As editor at CMP's M-Business magazine, he determined magazine content and story direction, and developed online newsletters and research reports.

As VP Content at ThirdAge Media, Gruman honed its focus on Baby Boomers seeking ways to live better and make a difference.

He was executive editor at Upside magazine, West Coast bureau chief at Computerworld, editor at Macworld magazine, and moderated panels for Macworld Expo conferences. He has a BS from the University of Southern California.